ABN 101: What is Account-based Networking?

To crush it in sales, you need to find the perfect balance between finding qualified opportunities, personalizing your outreach, and building trust in the sales cycle. But it isn’t easy. What if you could tap into a magic network of people that your prospects already trust and they could introduce you and your solutions in a unique, differentiated, and personalized way? What if this magic network was reciprocal? This magic network is your Account-Based Network and it’s taking off as the future of sales.

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Crucial Takeaways

  • Understanding the concept of Account-based Networking
  • Sales Team Networks: Unlocking Your Account-Based Network
  • Integrating your company’s sales network, your team’s sales network, and your personal sales network
  • Tips for creating high-value partnerships
  • Winning With Smart Account-Based Networking
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“Partnered is now the first place our sales team goes for every new account they get. To say Partnered is a game-changer would be an understatement. Partnered is the lifeblood of our go-to-market.”

-Eric Stein, Chief Revenue Officer, Branch

How Partnered Sales Team Network Works

Wish there was an easy and automated way for your sales team to work with partners? What if your sales team had a crystal ball to show them:

  • Which partners closed deals with target customers?
  • Which partner sales reps closed the deal?
  • Who the key decision maker was?
Partnered is your crystal ball! Know which partners and which sales rep to talk to that already closed the deals you want to close! Give your entire sales team an unfair advantage and 10X the value of your network!
Navigate every deal like the most connected sales professional on the planet! Get started for free! No credit card required.

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